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Axiom (a work-in-progress) is about maneuvering a spaceship and engaging an overwhelming force of enemy drones, other ships and bosses, amidst asteroids, bypassing civilians and stations.

This early version grants access to piloting the SF-14 Turkey, and the V-6 Ocelot which currently lacks a secondary weapon.

- The Discord server for communications is getting prepped - Stay tuned! -

Inspirations include (but aren't limited to) Raptor: Call of the Shadows, Jets'n'Guns, H.A.W.X., Beat Hazard, and modern american fighter jets.

NOTE the Tehrynolonean (the fourth boss, pictured lowest) is killable with sufficient damage, but is still far from complete.

PLEASE NOTE while it is possible to change resolution, the game is intended for 1920x1080 (mostly because I'm limited by the technology of my time, working with UI scaling stuff instills dread and fear).

Default Controls

W - Afterburner
A/D - Turn ship
S - Hold to corner (essentially turn faster - can be used with afterburner)
C - Deploy anti-missile flare

Mouse - Move crosshair
Left Mouse Button - Fire primary weapons
Right Mouse Button - Fire secondary weapon

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7 (or above, hopefully)
CPU: 1.21 Ghz (higher doesn't hurt)
GPU: DirectX 9.0 Compatible or newer
Storage: 916 MB


1) Extract the archive (it contains a folder with the game)
2) Inside the extracted folder, run the "AXM v0.2" executable to start the game


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Axiom v.0.2 August.7z 311 MB

Development log


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Seems very good, gonna try it!!

A minute after launching the page, just wow. Really appreciate it!